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Kids Think and Play

Hands-on activities help kids learn and retain lessons in number recognition, counting, shapes, and other preschool number skills through fun, active play.

What Parents Say About Us

Our son really likes this table and plays with it a lot. On mode 2 it speaks in both English and Spanish, which I thought was great as we are bilingual family, but just for info, the Spanish in it is terrible! Sounds like a native English speaker trying to badly prounce Spanish

This play-table has been very useful for my kid since he learned to stand up with support. The play-table can engage him for 15 min at a time, which is a reasonably good amount of time for a small kid to be engaged with a single toy.

My daughter loves this. It’s a perfect height for starting to pull herself up and stand. There is an level that has English and Spanish which I really like. It says the word in English then provides that same word in Spanish.

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